Broke Middle Socket Hook Please Help!

Hey, while removing my heatsink from my Abit KT7A i broke the middle hook on the socket a that keeps the heatsink seated in properly, only on 1 side tho, i know i feel like an ass so go easy on me;) any ideas or help??? i am about to order a 3 hooked HSF, but not sure where or which, and i wanted to see if there are any other ideas 1st thanx a lot, please help!
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  1. Two ideas spring to mind:

    1) You could attempt a repair using epoxy adhesive to refit the socket lug.

    2) If your motherboard has four holes surrounding the cpu socket(as many recent motherboards do) then you could buy and fit the Swiftech MC462A HSF which fastens to the motherboard with screws, i.e it doesn't clip onto the socket like most other heatsinks.

    Good luck !
  2. yah actually i tried the epoxy i think ill give it another go, as it held for a lil then eventually just came off, i guess i didnt do it right, or i need to reinforce it a little better, any ideas??:) heh, as for the swiftech, its actually my girlfriends, so if ne1's getting that expensive thing its me! hehe, im currently using the MC370 so im close, thanx for the speedy reply, ne1 else with other ideas?? thank you!
  3. i did the same thing on my Asus A7V, my best advice to you is just go with the simple solution and don't take the risk... buy an el cheapo (eg Taisol, cheap and effective... i run my Athlon 1.3 at 45C constant) HSF with 3 clips. it's much simpler..

    However, if you are feeling adventurous, (ps: i wouldn't suggest the epoxy as it won't hold for long under pressure and heat) may i suggest you combine the epoxy with a small double pointed end pin hammered (gently) into the socket and the broken off lug so you can make sure it stays on... But that's still very dangerous (static and wires...) so i'd just say go with the Taisol... that's what i did... works fine for me...

    Have fun

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  4. What kind of fan do you have on your Taisol?

    I don't have a broken anything right now ..but I don't want one either. I need to replace the stock hsf on my 1.33. I don't overclock but are hitting 60C.
    I am looking for something that under 50C at load,
    Doesn't weigh a ton. This computer has to travel from time to time and I don't want it breaking anything.
    Doesn't sound like a freight train.

    I had thought of buying a Thermoengine.

    To ad my opinion to the thread I would just get a different hsf that will connect with the MB or the remaining clips. Skip the epoxy.

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  5. i got the stock fan on my HS... 4600RPM... works fine for me... and it's whisper quiet.

    It's the newer model Taisol but so, it's a little better than their old ones.... it's about 3 to 4 inches high off the mobo and uses the 3 clip thing... can't remember the model number..

    If you are getting temps in the 50+'s then i can EASILY diagnose your problem. Either your room temperature is too hot (ie. Open some windows or get some ventillation). If your room is about 25C then it shouldn't be that that's affecting it coz that's what mine is around... Next thing is that you might need to ventillate the case a bit better. What size case do you have? If you keep it all closed it will get really hot really fast. What you should do is just open the case up, take the sides off, and what i do is open the free drive bay slots and the PCI slot covers and it just allows for totally free movement of air. Failing that, keep your case on, but get some serious case fans going. If all else fails, get some Arctic Silver II thermal paste and make sure you put it on properly. A thin layer will usually do, make sure it's no thicker than about 1mm so that you get the optimal heat dispersal from your HSF.

    If all else fails, get water cooling

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  6. krazy glue is the best for glueing plastic together, if you have the piece that broke off?
  7. Case is a microATX..I know its small but like I said this thing has to travel from time to time.(Fits nicely in airline carry on)
    Anyway, Right now I have 2 80mm sucking air in the front, 2 40mm sucking in air in one of the 5 1/4 bay at the top. Slot fan sucking out air under agp slot and of course the PS fan. I plan to also add a 3 1/2 drive bay fan that will either suck air in or blow cold directly on the cpu. (this acutally drops temp by about 2C)
    Now with case on it goes up to 60c. Panel off 55c.
    Air temp is ehh maybe 22C. Its not very hot.

    So I know that stock HS is junk for sure. If I can get something that drops it 10-15C I will be happy. I should be able to run it with or without case closed.

    I just remember someone on here saying that their cooler, I think it was an orb broke their cpu after traveling with the computer in a car. That would be bad. So I can't go for the monster HS that weighs a just plain funky like the orb.

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  8. Yeah i did keep the bits... but still... how can you guarantee that the glue will hold the pressure?? one little fault in the application of it and your heatsink will be flying off...

    it's just safer to go with a new heatsink

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  9. 1 easy solution for your trouble man, get a ThermoSonic ThermoEngine. They are awesome HSF's and the stock fan is whisper quiet whilst it is still a hell of a lot better than my Taisol (cool temps with this taisol, even better with the ThermoEngine). It's got a 1 clip system and is relatively light, this PC travels all over the joint and i had the thermoengine till i broke the lug off the mobo (my fault). They are awesome HSF's and i guarantee, if you get it put on properly, it'll EASILY take those temps down case on or off (btw... nice fan setup from what you've said... i am buying some 120mm fans soon... mmm). They cost about 40 buck Australian so, i dunno where you're from but 40 aussie dollars equates to around 15 british pounds or about 20 american dollars. If you can't find a store that sells them in your area, i can give you a link to an online store that sells them.

    Good luck and i hope you get those temps down

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  10. But a thermowngine wont go on if theres no clip

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  11. The thermoengine reccomendation was for me I believe. I know the topic I think took a tangent.

    I think the concensus for the guy who did break the thingie is to buy a new HSF that uses a 6 point clip (TAISOL) or perhaps the Alpa's with the MB screws.

    To Bass : Yea I tried like hell to get some air into that little box. I stacked the 80mm fans just for the hell of it to see if it would work and it did. It seems to blow about twice as much as 1 of them in the same spot. I had thought of putting a 120 up front but I would have to drill some more vent holes for that to really work. I haven't reached the drill holes in the box stage yet. I have seen 120mm fans in the US for around $15. (Must be a longer boat ride to AUS from Taiwan). I guess I have to reconsider moving there. :)

    I think I will give the Thermoengine a try. They sound good. Do you think I should get a shim for it? I think I will buy the stock one and I guess if its not cooling well enough I can step up to a bigger fan. They do sell the engine with a bigger fan. The 4225 model has a 32cfm 42db fan on it. But until I start OC I think the stock ought to work.

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  12. how good are you with metal fabrication?

    2 thin plates like below with a hole in the center and two squares cut out to match the 2 outer remaining clips. Take the the 2 plates and bolt through the plate, the spring hook and then the other plate. hey it might work and its the best I can do for ddrafting in ASCI art.

    excuse the dots as spaces are removed when posting

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  13. exactly

    but he said it wasn't broken so there's no problem......

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