(Crazy) nonconventional water cooling idea

I was thinking about how to make my own water block when this idea hit me: Why use a water block at all? If I glue a chipset heat sink onto the CPU and construct a box over it, then I can run water directly over the chip. The resistors can be coated with silicone and unless the CPU chip can rust, there shouldn't be any problems - right?

(I posted this because I'm wondering why I haven't heard of anyone doing this before - please tell me if you think of something that could go wrong ;)

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  1. Yes.. I recall seeing things like this on older processors.. in fact, here's a website from a guy who made these. I dunno if he still does or what -


    I'm not sure I'd like to try something like that on my AMD processor... even with the silicon application. I honestly have no clue what it could do to the chip itself... certainly is a question worth asking.
  2. That's what you do when you run liquid n2. Use distilled to minimize the risks.
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