I can run bioshock on full graphics but gta iv has issues?

So i was playing bioshock today and i decided to test it on full graphics and to my surprise it worked, its not just bioshock that runs full graphics, i can run mw1 mw2 waw fallout 3, etc. on full graphics but when it comes to a game like saints row 2 i barely can play theres so much lag, or then theres gta iv and it cant generate the roads or land but it doesnt lag? any ideas or help on how to get it to run

It may be useful but my computer specs are
hp g62 456-tu
2 gb ram
i3 2.4 ghz
intergrated intel hd graphics with 762 mb
500 gb hdd 5400 rpm

Any ideas or mods im fully acceptant off
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  1. Saints Row and GTA IV are both CPU heavy games. They keep most of the processing on the CPU and are not very good at pushing the load to the graphics processor (integrated or otherwise). So, while games such as MW1 and fallout 3 might run great, you need more CPU processing power to run GTA IV and Saints Row 2 (similar games). Since these games are not very good at taking advantage of multi-core/multi-thread processors or offloading the graphics load to the graphics processor, you don't really need more cores, you need more than 2.4GHz of speed out of your processor to handle these older titles.
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