Hard Disk cooling

I have the IBM GXP hard disk 30gb 7200rpm.
It gets HOT.
1. Will installing a normal cpu cooler help?
2. Is it better to put the heatsink as well and the fan on top,attachin the heatsink on the hd with blue tag maybe?
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  1. you cannot install a cpu cooler (well, you probably can but it will be hard and not very effective) to a hdd.

    There are lots of bay kits to install a 3.5" hdd into a 5.25" bay and cool. I use the coolermaster cooldrive and they are okay and reasonable looking. They have a fan which you can optionally not use but most importantly a big Alu heatsink...

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  2. If you can install an exhaust case fan near or above the HDD, this will draw off a lot of the heat.

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  3. Anyways I did what I thought was right and guess what?
    I now have a system fan (normal 80mm fan) purchased only for 10 pounds attached on top of my previously hot HD with blue tag. The HD is now cold, and yes I mean cold, you cant even feel the slightest warmth when you touch it.
    Just wanted ppl to know that expensive HD fans are not necessary.
  4. expensive? My HDD cooler is $25, approx £16 I guess, but it also quietens the HDD and allows mounting in a 5.25" bay. Not to detract from your effort though. If you used an 80mm fan effectively for 10 quid - good on you. Innovation is the name of the game and it keeps us all sharp!

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  5. I just spent 125 american dollars for my new case's cooling system. Its my first computer I am building. 4 fans ( three 80s and a 120), a 4 sensor thermo reader (29.95), cables and screws, one of those bay freezers, one of the HD coolers, one turbine exhasut that goes under my videocard (takes a slot)... bunch of cables..

    Was much cheaper then other sites... Its over kill, I know. Hey, if it prolongs my Computer's life... I will be happy.

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  6. hey if it's that much cheaper and you got your stuff with no hassles do you mind sharing the name of the site with us??? :wink:

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  7. I have not recieved the package yet. I ordered it friday. I will tell you how it went. Or email me at webmaster@kilgore.cc

    On a side note: I HATE UPS, those lazy union people do not know my area or are willing to spend the time learning it. I live in the country and FedEx and Airbrone can arrive to my home, but not the UPS. Stupid UPS drivers...

    Oh, I will get the package June 6th or so. I am going to wait for the UPS driver at a gas station monday and show him the way to my house. (slowing down and point to the road signs, lol) You know what sucks, I cannot get a refund from the UPS. (been waiting for my Full tower case for several days pass the due date). Maybe I shouldn't be mad... Not so smart people have to make a living to.

    Anyways, The link is http://www.coolerstar.com/

    I just ordered, I do not have any opinions about them. But email me and I will reply when I have recieved the package and used the goods.

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  8. You bought an 80mm fan for 10pounds? LOL

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