Windows on Mac?

If I put Windows on a Macbook Pro 13" would it be able to play games like BF3 on highish settings?
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  1. No macbook pro uses integrated graphics. very slow. you need a proper computer
  2. If you install via bootcamp so windows can run natively then you can play on medium to high settings but probably not maximum. It should be a decent experience, it also depends on which macbook pro you have, the latest ones have a decent mobile gpu in them.

    First gen macbookpro Specs:

    Unibody (current gen) macbookpro Specs:
  3. On the current gen :)

    I'm asking to know if a PC built for the same price would be better than the Macbook Pro with Windows on it
  4. Performance and equipment wise definately without a doubt.
  5. The current $2000 + Macbook pro has an ATI 6770m, it would do ok in games but not great.

    The 13 inch would have trouble launching the game. Macs are not designed for gaming. I hope one day they make one, cause it would be sweet. I use my almost 6 year old macbook pro to play killing floor, works well for that :P
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