dBA Noise-Level Compared to What?

Can someone give me an example of how loud a HSF's noise level is compared to???
i.e. 50dba = small electric fan
65dba = leaf blower
40dba = hair dryer

I just made these figures up, thats why i need your help so I can have a real idea on how loud HSF can get.
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  1. I need help with this one too! I mean, people are saying the GlobalWin coolers are very loud, but how "loud" is it?

  2. Here you go.

    10db normal breathing
    20db mosquito, russling leaves
    30db whisper
    40db stream, refrigerator humming
    50-60db normal conversation, laughter, quiet office.
    70db hair dryer, vacume cleaner
    75db dishwasher
    80db garbage disposal, city traffic
    85-90db lawnmower,diesel truck at over 40mph
    100db train, garbage truck
    110db drill, power saw, jet flyover
    120db thunderclap, dance clubs, sterios
    130db jet takeoff, shotgun firing
    110-140db rock concert
    145db boom bass cars

    Information is from National Institute on Deafness and
    Other Communication Disorders


    Human comfort range is less than 60db
    Sound above 85 dB is very annoying to the body and if a person is exposed for up to 8 hours it can cause hearing damage.
    Sounds up to 90 to 110 dB can be tolerated by a person for maximum up to 15 minutes. Any exposure for more than that can be health hazardous.
    Exposure of sound also of over 100 dB for more than one minute can risk permanent hearing loss.
    Any sound over 120 dB is beyond the threshold of pain in the body and can cause permanent health hazard.

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  3. Damn! Your Really did your homework!!
    Well thanks for the info, adreamer!!!
  4. Thanks for the info man!

    Wow I guess then the GlobalWin coolers are way too loud, I think the Volcano II would be the best choice, hopefully it's not too loud with a 7k fan.

    Anyone know where I can buy a 7k fan to put on the Volcano II?
  5. The VII will be just as loud as the GlobalWin if you use that 7k delta fan. That is what makes the globalwin so loud.

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  6. Arg, I guess I will stick with the original fan. Anyone has experience with the Volcano II? is it a decent cooler for non-overclockers?
  7. the volcanoII with stock will do you good if you don't overclock. if you do then you'd need the 7k delta.
  8. i just switched to a globalwin fop32 with a delta and it dropped my temps to 38 full load from high40s full load it idles at 22c..im just getting used to the noise its loud..like a small hairdrier...but for how well it cools ill keep it...900 @1120 1.77 volts.8x140 abit kt7a
  9. I personally have a grudge against all thermaltake products (other than blueorbs which are kewl) so i am gonna say stay way from them. I crushed my 1.1 ath with a superorb whilst transporting it in my car... I was PISSED off... coz i had to deal with a Duron800 for about a month, then they sent me a new 1.1... so i am happy...

    However, the point is, thermaltake are gay and they will never make a HSF worth putting on even a pentium...

    (me = biased against TT and pentium... i love amd)

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  10. Here is an excellent cooling site that actually has recorded sound from various fans and give their dB rating.

    Check it out. You will be able to hear what the fan you want to buy will sound like.


    If you go the main page they do stuff too. Not too bad prices.

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  11. Sheesh, do Delta's really sound like that? They do sound like a hair dryer.

    Hey, there's a Sunon 80mm that pushes almost as much air as the 60mm Delta Black Label and it's at 32.5dBA vs 48.5dBA. Interesting!

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  12. Its all about blade design. Just like a propeller on a plane you can choose to make the blades more efficient or increase the RPMs. I think the Deltas just do the RPM thing. I wonder what the Sunon would put out in CFM and dba if you ramped up the RPM.

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  13. I live in a 1 bd apt. There is no way I can put up with some of those. What is the general consensus for a quiet HSF that isn't too expensive but can handle a OC 1 Ghz to 1.4...?

    The fop32 is the most talked about, but they all sound like lawnmowers to me....

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  14. I would say any fan/hs combo that puts out under 40dBa and you are probably ok as far as noise goes. After it is installed on a HS and stuck in a closed case it shouldn't be too loud. I believe your Fop32 falls within that. I think it has one of those YS Tech 36dba fans on it. Or something close to it.
    Some other ones that you could consider.
    Thermoengine stock $25
    Thermoengine with a YS Tech or Sunon Fan. $35
    Volcano2 $13

    The Volcano is obviously your cheap option. I don't know if it will get your 1gig up to 1.4 but it is approved for up to 1.333 by AMD. Thermoengine stock is rated up to 1.5.

    If you went to the website I put and listened to the thermoengine. Just think of that level as you probably wouldn't hear it while it was running in the case. The Sunon and YS are probably about as loud as your POwer Supply fan..and the Deltas..are..well lets just say you will know when its on.

    Not wanting noise and wanting to overclock is not the easiest combo. If you want to go cheap go with volcano. The thermoengine will have better peformance but its obviously more money.

    Biggest gripe I hear about the FOps is the clip is a biach to put on. Well that and the ones with the delta fans are loud. Then again anything with a delta fan is loud.

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  15. Man knowing that makes me want to sue the Marine Corps. 4 years of working next to the flight line, with Harriers and F-16's taking off all day.

    Less than a quarter mile away. LOL.
  16. Yup be all you can be right..oh wait that's the Army. I had a professor in college who flew hellicoptors for the Navy and he had a lot of hearing loss even with wearing the helmet with ear protection. Although I doubt if he wore it all the time. My guess is the time it takes for a Jet to take off is considered short exposure and is supposed to be ok. Then again I wouldn't exactly call the Military the type of place that follows OCEA standards all of the time. I doubt bombs and such are even in their guidlines. :)
    You are right though about the Harriers. I have been less than 500 yards from one taking off/landing and they are LOUD. They must use Delta fans. :)

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  17. Does anyone know what the effect is of having multiple fans all running around 32-36 dB? I know it doesnt stack i.e. 6x36, because I would be deaf by now. Does the audio level increase or is it all in my head?

    eh, i'll procrastinate later...
  18. Well not being an audio expert..and I don't feel like looking it up right now. From what I remember the db level is whatever your max is. In other words if you have 6 fans cranking out 36db then you are only going to get 36dB total. The only differnce might be if you have items producing sound at different wavelengths you may find it sounds "noisier" simply because you are hearing more wavelengths being broadcast. However the volume hasn't changed. Kind of like if you have 2 sterios set at the same volume but playing different songs. Sounds noisier but in reallity it isn't any louder.

    If I get ambitious I will look it up to be sure but I think thats how it works.

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  19. thats what i was thinkin, but you worded it very nicely.

    eh, i'll procrastinate later...
  20. Ok well my "guess" was description is only sort of correct. Ie.. I looked it up. :smile:
    This is the formula for adding decibles for multiple sources. Its a log addition so its cumulative...but not as simple as adding 30 +40.

    Total Sum = 10* log{base10}(((10 ^(X/10))+(10^(Y/10))+...)

    X and Y are the 2 sounds. So for a 40db and 30dB sound the total is 40.41dB
    Hopefully that is actually readable.

    So you can see that the over all noise level does get louder. Here is a web site that, although unrelated to PCs explains sound and absorption etc.

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