PIII 650 fsb 100 auf fsb 133


ich wollte meine (2) PIII 650 (FSB 100) auf fsb 133 einstellen
hab ne asus p2b-d
kann es aber nur auf 112 fsb stellen
mit softfsb kann ich es auf 133 stellen und mein system läuft 1 min.volt kann ich über mein board auch net ein stellen grrrr
was muss ich machen ?
mehr kühlung ?
mehr volt ?
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  1. Er?

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  2. probably the volts but my german is really bad and I might have read that wrong :) If softfsb says that your mobo can run at the specified fsb and it doesn't then it could be your cpu or it could be your ram. I heard that cpucool is a better overclocking app then softfsb.
  3. Guten Abend!
    Ich spreche etwas Duetch! Sie benötigen ungefähr 1.75v, es mit Stabilität laufen zu lassen.
    Was Art der Kühlvorrichtung verwenden Sie?

    Thineperlen der Form nicht vor den Schweinen!
  4. as always you never cease to amaze!

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  5. Like I told him, I only speak a little German. Not so amazing, lots of ordinary Americans speak a little Spanish, and German is probably easier to learn.

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
  6. E N G L I S H

    just jokeing, its good to see other people trying to take advantage of this message board. I wish I spoke the language so I could help.
  7. Even in German his question was a little hard to read. He asked "I wanted to adjust my 2 PIII 650s (100FSB) to 133FSB. I have an Asus P2B-D, it can only set to 112FSB, however with softfsb can I set it to 133 and my system runs 1 min." He then said something about volts that I quite frankly did not understand, but I think he ment to say that he could adjust the voltage if he needed to. He then ask which he should do, increase voltage or cooling. I told him to set it at 1.75v and ask what he was using for cooling. As confusing as his post got toward the end I think that either he does not know how to write properly, or that German is not his native tongue, or that he is speaking a dialect of German that I have never heard before. We have enough people who speak English on here who don't know how to write PLEASE PEOPLE, IF YOU HAVE TO SPEAK A FOREIGN LANGUAGE, AT LEAST LEARN HOW TO WRITE!

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
  8. possibly not, but I know that languages are not my strong point. I've lived in Japan for 2 1/2 years and I speak little Japanese. Every time I get serious about trying to learn it feels like my brain starts dribbling out my ears.

    I used to speak a bit of French, but now everything is Japanese in my head - it's like I only have room for a small bit of 1 language at a time... I studied German at school but was terrible at it. What does any language need 3 genders for??? :smile:

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  9. English origianly has 3 genders as well! And I think Russian has 5 or 6! But seriously, we have actors/actresses, waitors/waitresses, etc. I hear all those stupid females on TV refer to themselves as "actors" instead of "actresses" and see the decline in language.

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  10. I was never sure if the actor/actress thing was a gender issue rather than language. I got the impression that some people thought it was incorrect to distinguish between male and female.

    I suffer from bad language education. Not having had good English tuition, I had difficulty learning other languages. I learn by osmosis, but formal tuition fails as I never learnt the structures. Teachers forever told us to conjugate this and use past-participles here and there - but I never really learned what they were in English, so had little hope of ustilising them in French or German. I am moderately well read and carry off converations at most levels, but I certainly never flag myself as either academic nor a shining example of linguistics. I will have to work hard to ensure that my daughter does not suffer because of my limitations.

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  11. I think in the last sentence "volt kann ich über mein board auch net ein stellen grrrr" , NET should read "NICHT" in which case the sentence would translate roughly to "I cant adjust the voltage via the motherboard grrrr" I used to speak good German as I lkived there for about 8 years, but have forgoten a lot now.

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