Need help with GlobalWin and Volcano II HSF's

Hi, if you read my previous post I am looking for an effective HSF but not too noisy. The HSF will be for my new Thunderbird 1.33 Ghz on a Asus A7M266 Motherboard. I am not really planning on overclocking, so I don't think I will need an extreme one. I narrowed it down to these three:

GlobalWin WBK-38
GlobalWin FOP32-1
ThermalTake Volcano II

I know the WBK-38 is very noisy, but I heard you can adjust the fan RPM to make it less noisy. If you have this HSF please tell me "how" you adject the speed, from BIOS?? or a software GlobalWin gives you? Volcano II seems like a good choice since it cools pretty good, and not very loud. Only thing I worry about is if it cools the 1.33ghz down enough for stable operation. If you have any experience with either please tell me how you like them, dislike them, anything!

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I need help as well. I have some other posts asking for opinions. I narrowed mine to three:

    GW FOP32-1
    Thermaltake Volcano II
    Vantec FCE-62540D

    Out of the three, i think the Vantec is super loud and annoying. The Volcano II is the cheapest. The Global Win is kinda in between in terms of performance and noise (as stated by Tom's Review).
    Can anyone compare the three from first hand experience???
  2. i installed a reostat in line with the fan so you can adjust the voltage from 7 volts to 12 volts that will change the rpms the fan does and make it quieter but also reduce airflow as well..had 3 watt 20 ohms reostat got to hot so i just run it at full speed now..youll need 5 watt at least for it...
  3. Hi. I have tried 2 out of the 3 heatsinks you talked about. I first had the Volcano, which didn't cool well enough for my tastes. It is quieter, but the cooler was really lacking on the higher speed chips. I have a 1.2 which I run at 1.4, and it wasn't able to keep temps below 50 alot of the time. I then switched over to the Vantec cooler, which was alot better, but also very loud. It kept things below 50 most of the time, but on ocassion under heavy load, it would creep up to 50-51. So I wasn't happy with this either. Just today I recieved an OCZ gladiator. It has the same fan as the Vantec, so it's just as noisy, but provides better performance. I haven't seem the temp go above 47 even after gaming and running SETI for hours. But I would also mention this. When people post their temps, they are kind of misleading. This is because most of the time they don't post ambient or motherboard temps along with them. My ambient temps and motherboard are pretty high as I live in a rather hot climate. Right now motherboard is at 33 and CPU is at 44. From what I've read, an 11 degree temp difference between motherboard and CPU is pretty good. So just keep that in mind when you look at others temps. Your's will be affected greatly by your case temp and room temp. But anyways, if you can stand the noise, I'd go with the gladiator. If you can't, then I would probably do alot more shopping around because there has to be other coolers that cool better than your 3 choices and provide lower noise levels. I think a new Taisol cooler just came out that is pretty decent. I saw a review at I believe. Look around and see what you can find on all the overclocking sites.
  4. I am perfectly happy with my Volcano II. I wrote a review on it <A HREF="" target="_new">HERE</A>, if your interested. Some people have said it actually cooled better than their FOP-32!

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  5. I don't own either, but from what i've heard, Volcano 2 is great, but sometimes not flat, therefore you should test if its flat, and if not then lap it.

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