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Not sure where to put this, but here seemed like a good place.

In short: I cannot modify and in some cases access or edit any files in my Windows, Program Files, or other default folders withing Windows 7. I have tried changing the access by editing the permissions (first within my normal windows boot, then is Safe mode) but to no avail. It just returns an error message telling me that an 'Access in Denied". This problem is not fatal but is extremely annoying and cannot be tolerated.

A little history: I had a similar problem on my Windows XP computer and I just stopped using it. In my stupidity I connected the 'infected' hdd to my system just to move some files and then the problem 'jumped ship'. I did not boot the XP drive, just open it and copy a few files.

I can provide any other details and I appreciate your thoughts and efforts in helping me.
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  1. I faced similar issue with my win7 system, i remember that its something related to programes security option, i remember checking an option which said that this will apply to only windows programs do you want to apply this to user programms as well.
    After that i almost lost access to Windows drive it wont let me create any file on that drive. what i did was formatted the dive and installed fresh OS :D.
  2. have you tried taking ownership and changing permission through the command line?

    takeown and icacls are the commands, but I can't remember the full syntax. oh, and use these at your own risk!
  3. Found my sheet!

    takeown /r /f [path]
    /r is for recursive, /f is for full

    icacls [path] /grant [username]:(F)
    this changes the security principles and will let you change security access.

    from here, navigate to the folder and change the security as usual.
  4. That had no effect mi1ez. It still tells me that I have no permission to access the files
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