Arctic Silver Question

I was reading at that Arctic Silver becomes
conductive when under pressure. Is that true and is that a worry when
using it on a AMD 1.2 with L1 bridges connected?????? Will a heatsink
clamp be able to exert enough force to actually make it so??? Anyone
have links telling how to properly apply this stuff? Any info regarding this would be good.

Mayber someone uses something better, post it here.

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  1. the artic silver website tells how to apply the stuff. I highly dought that it could conduct any electricity. when you apply it one drop at a time. other people have sayed that you only need a drop or two. the core of a cpu isnt that big

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  2. Yes, Artic Silver can conduct electricity. It can fry a CPU if applied wrong. If you get it all over the place it can short out many of the components on the top of the CPU. So it's important to apply a very thin layer on only the top of the core. And I mean thin. In my expierence, any more than about half a grain of rice is too much, especially if the heat sink is lapped. You want as little of the stuff to squish out the sides as possible, to thinner is better.
  3. since the heatsink does not touch or compress anything but the cpu core, this is not an issue.

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  4. I agree with pete on that one, but it is all to easy to get the dam stuff all over the place, follow the instructions at and you will be fine

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  5. Just one point..

    i borrowed my mate's AS2 and i dobbed it onto my Athlon 1.1@1.3 (100x12.5... don't ask) and it wasn't exactly thin. I think people have this misconception that when you put on thermalpaste in a glob, it stays that way... This is simply not the case, it flattens down in the same way that for example, toothpaste does. And i mean, yeah AS2 is very conductive, it's like 90% silver for gods sake, of course it's gonna conduct. But i got it on my closed L1's and my friend has got it on his closed L1's and it's fine. Do not be paranoid my friends...

    And anyway, if you're worried about it getting airpockets, install it, turn on your computer, see if the temp rises above 60... then if it does, take it off and re-do the whole situation...

    On the other hand, if you wanna be really pedantic about the whole thing, ask a mate who's a techie to do it for you and give him $5 or so, that way you're covered by his store and if he [-peep-] it, the store pays for it.

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  6. I measured the artic silver II with an ohmmeter and didn't get a reading so it has to be at least 20 meg ohms (not under pressure) so there should be no problem if you get it anywhere. There should be no pressure on the bridges!
    One warning though, don't aim the tube at the CPU the way they show on the site, the plunger sticks so when it does come out it will shoot a big blob over everything. I suggest aiming it at something clean then transferring it with the corner of a razor blade.
  7. Yeah that happenned to me! Then after I installed it and read the forums here, I realised that there were actually instructions for putting it on, then when I saw the instructions I thought WTH!!! So complicated, but I feel like I need to strip it down and try again just in case there's a possibility I could reduce the temp by a couple of degrees, how sad! Why do we feel like this???


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  8. Just installed a Glaciator using arctic2. Got it all over the place...took out the CPU squirted some dish-soap and warm water on it...scrubbed it down with a toothbrush...rinsed the whole thing under the sink faucet and reinstalled correctly this time. Runnin like a champ! Temps? No case temp 92F it`s hot out! Case temp is 39C...CPU 44C idle. Never goes over 6 degrees case temp.

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  9. You put WATER and DISH SOAP on your cpu?
  10. Drowned the sucker!

    I want to die like my my sleep...not screaming in terror like his passengers.
  11. yep - that's fine. Did the same myself to a particularly abused tbird myself. Just leave it in a dry place for a few days before you fire it up.

    People seem to be under the misconception that water is bad for electrical things - it isn't. It is only bad if it is wet and live at the same time.

    Got a keyboard all sticky from a cup of coffee/tea/soup? Unplug it and rinse well under the tap. Dry for a couple of days and you're off again. Just unplug it!

    The only thinkg that won't go well are mechanical devices such as drives, fans or anything asorbant.

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