I cant find my steam exe or steam app

Well in steam community I was playing a game and my laptop ran out of energy so steam was forced to close and my
Steam got this;Steam.exe(main exception):Cmultifieldblob(pserialized):Badfield - extends past end of blob. So i went to steam support in another laptop and put exactly that and it told me what to do ,but i don't know where to go! IT SAY THIS:

• Exit Steam
• Navigate to your Steam installation directory. (C:\Program Files\Steam\ by default.)
• Delete everything in that directory EXCEPT the following:
o steam.exe
o steamapps directory (All of Steam's game files are kept here.)
• Restart Steam to test the issue

I have no idea where my Steam installation directory is at ,but i found steam apps ,but it is not in the directory it was in just a file called Steam i think and i couldn't find Steam.exe there so now I am desperately need of your help ,so please help me!
I've tried to youtube it ,but their is only a page of how to fix steam and only one is about the blob but it is in some different language and i dont understand because it is completely different from English ,so please help me please please oh please i am such a newb when it comes to these things ,and this is my last hope so please help me!
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  1. Did you try opening windows explorer, clicking on C:\, then typing in "steam.exe" in the search box at the top right?
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