ITunes 10 64x for windows 7 (NEED Help!!)

Hi all ill just get straight to the point;

this morning i updated my itunes software from version 9 (64bit) to version 10 (64bit) for my windows 7 64bit PC.

NOW IM ******* READY TO PUNCH ALL OF APPLES DEVELOPERS in the face, lmao -but really i am actually quite pissed =\

because now it wont open the program at all but it claims to be running in task manager it shows up as:

(itunes.exe *32) (scratching my head in complete confusion before my rage =S) i reinstalled several times no luck.

I tried to use the 32 bit install and no luck either and then tried to re install a previous 64bit version

that also failed as hard as itunes 10 itself because it updates files within my music library and wont allow a rollback to previous versions =|

Any help would be greatly appreciated =)

if not im just going to *** my god fosaken ipod off any suggestions for a far better alternative would be most exellent as i am so over the itunes shitty interface

If anyone from apple reads this i just want you to know that your all twats! =D
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  1. Try Songbird or WinAMP.
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