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So I have played console games for years and now i have made the switch to PC Gaming. Currently i've been playing DC Universe Online and Minecraft, but i want to play games that are Role Playing, have deep stories, and run good to excellent on my PC. Any suggestions?
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  1. there haven't been any "pure" RPGs in years, but stuff that comes close:
    Dragon Age
    Diablo 3
    Legends of Grimrock
    Fallout 3
    Witcher 2
    Riften 1 & 2
    Two worlds
    Gothic 3

    take your pick
  2. Witcher 2 is probably the best modern rpg. Baldur's Gate 2 at the head of the genre on the whole. Skyrim was very enjoyable as well. I don't rank its story anywhere near the two aforementioned, but it's certainly a good game.
  3. Temple of Elemental Evil with all the fan patches.

    Hardcore D&D role playing at it's finest.
  4. Dungeon Seige III is good. There are a few D&D games from TSR Just google TSR. For you diehards D&D People like me. I will bet not too many of you know what TSR stands for?

    Well I will tell you it stands for Tactical, Strategic, Reconnaissance. D&D was Simulated war games and guy by the name of Gary Gygax took it to another level.
  5. All good games but Not my cup of tea
  6. Text based adventures yay
  7. League of Legends is fun and free it's not traditional RPG but it's still great fun.
  8. If you want more action-oriented RPG, sandbox style, GTA IV, Saint's Row the third (on sale now on steam), Just Cause 2, among others.
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