Sudden, dramatic drop in FPS in Starcraft 2

Hey guys, long time reader, first time posting.

I recently, over the course of a night, became completely unable to play certain maps on Starcraft 2 (online).

My computer should be able to run the game well, and yes, even with setting on the absolute lowest, I get a 1 FPS reading.

My internet isn't amazing but it has never, in 6+ months even tripped while running this exact map. I've never lagged out.

-Intel Core i5 CPU 760 2.8GHz
-2.8GHz Performance rated at: 7.00
-4.1GB RAM
-Microsoft 7
-GeForce GTS 250
-Video RAM 2.7GB
-Shaders both at 4.0

Internet runs
Download 14.63Mbps
Upload 0.42Mps

I would really appreciate any advice that anyone can come up with! I did not change any settings, this problem seemed to jump up randomly.
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  1. Just played a single player map, fps at 88 the whole time. Does this mean it's an internet related issue?
  2. dolokhov said:
    Just played a single player map, fps at 88 the whole time. Does this mean it's an internet related issue?

    Probably is. If anyone is lagging in the game or your connection is also bad, you or they will slow down the game. But what are the odds of having someone lag in every game?
  3. Okay, so if it is my internet, why is it running fine otherwise? I've been on the same usage plan for 2 years and never had this issue. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. It's weird I had that problem too on my old system. I was using a 9800 GT and it was playing fine on the Ultra settings. There would be some lag sometimes but it wasn't my fault, it would be someone else in the game lagging. Then all of a sudden I was getting terrible FPS lag and turned down to high. Sometimes I think it might be small hotfixes or patches that fix a minor problem in the newer cards but aren't always tested fully with all the older cards. Was there a SC2 update recently? I'd recommend updating your drivers as it fixed my problem. Also I don't know if you let Windows auto update your graphics drivers but every time it has done it, it installs the wrong drivers or old ones still. I always go to Nvidia for graphics driver updates now.
  5. Hello,
    when you say it made you unable to play certain maps, what exactly is making the game unplayable? You say you get 1 fps, yet next post you say you get 88 fps. So which is it? it's important to determine whether you are getting stutter (fps fluctuation) or latency lag (packets travel slow over IP).

    also, which maps? are they particularly large? or is it random maps? custom maps?
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