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Hey there guys, BasS-InJecTeD here...

Anybody actually own a Silverado that they can gimme their opinions on?

I am thinking of buying one coz i am simply sick of my current Taisol fan (replacment for my nice Thermoengine (which when it came out everybody here told me it was [-peep-]! hahah eat your words...) coz i broke the middle clip). Anyway..

1) what type of attachment system does the silverado have?
2) Noise?
3) Cooling performance in about 25C temps
4) Prices?!?!
5) Stores in australia or... online that sell them

Anyway yeah, get back to me or email me....
thanks for the help guys it's really much appreciated.

<i>PS: please don't tell me to go and read tom's review of the cooler because he does his reviews and tests in labs and i want somebody who actually uses it in their home/office and can give me their unbiased/general opinion/numbers. Thanks again</i>


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  1. Attechment: Single clip
    Noise: Depending on voltage setting 6 volt = silent, 12 volt = a bit noisy.
    Performance: Very good, even in silent mode. Read THG test...
    Don't know australian dealers. Check the Noise control homesite.

    I unscrewed the fans, and mounted them to my PSU instead, this way you avoid the heavy load on your CPU core.

  2. thanks man, i couldn't find the noisecontrol main site so that was a little annoying. it's not listed on search engines either. as it turns out my A7V motherboard can't use a silverado as my middle clipping lug is broken (thanks to my old ThermoEngine's 19Pounds of pressure) so i am going to have to buy a new motherboard as well... it's gonna be a while yet i'd say.

    On THG's review of the fan it says that it can do 12V as well, yet it only comes with cables that let it do up to 10V... how can i get it to 12?

    How heavy are we talking here? coz i am confused as to why you would mount the fans onto the P/S, actually i am also confused as to HOW you mounted them, either the fans are HUGE or your P/S is really big... coz just looking at my current HSF and P/S there's no way i could get fans to reach/touch my P/S... it'd have to use really long screws or something.


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  3. The extra cables that come with it allow you to connect a 6,8 or 10V. If you don't use them, you are connecting at 12V.
  4. thanks for that, i should have known better :)

    <b><font color=blue>Who needs drugs when you got <font color=black><i>BasS?</i></font color=black></font color=blue></b>
  5. Good advice all, but where can I buy one? I'm in California, but would like to buy over the net. Anyone know where they're actually for sale? Whe doesn't Tom give website addresses!!????? If anyone knows where to buy Elan Vital, Spring, or Molex I'll mail you $5.
  6. You can get a molex at .
    Specifically its
    I know they have other coolers as well. Not sure if its on your list or not. I am in Cali too and have purchased from directron before. They treated me well.
    Anyway as far as the silverado goes the only place I have heard to buy one is overseas. Its like $20-$30 dollars in shipping though plus 70 for the hs. Perhaps someone else knows of someone that sells it in the US but I haven't heard of it. Here is a link to the german site that will let you buy it.

    So where's my 5 bucks. hehehe

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