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I have a MS-6154VA Motherboard.
from what i can see and from what i read in the manual it has 2 DIMM slot (168 pin double sided)
and it also says i can get up to 1 GB of memory
but as far as i know there isnt one 168 pin memory of 512 mb

any suggestions or info will be welcome
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  1. I've seen it around, those 512MB DIMMs. At local computer stores, but check Crucial also.

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  2. 512Mb boards can be expensive. What OS are you running? Unless you are running W2K with some heavy apps, I don't think you'd need more than a total of 512. Also, Win 98SE doesn't really like more than 512Mb, so I'd go for 2 x 256Mb (PC-133 CAS 2 Crucial personally).

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