Battlefield 3 keeps crashing

i have a PC with the following specs but battlefield 3 keeps crashing.
core i5, 6GB ram, Intel HD graphics family 3000
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  1. More details needed ie does it crash immediately, always at the same time, after roughly X mins or what? and does it crash to desktop, lock up, reboot or what? More detailed system specs would also help. Also note that the game is barely playable with HD 3000 graphics anyway.
  2. i would suggest you buy a graphics card and retry it...
  3. it crashes when is about loading.....pls help me yh
  4. As suggested buy a graphics card if you want to game on your PC note you may need to upgrade the power supply as well
  5. The graphic card you currently have cant handle a game like BF3, and if it does it wont be playable anyways. I would recommend you to cosider buying a new graphic card (and if needed a new Power Supply).
    I am afraid that's the only solution for you.
  6. Like said in all the above posts BF3 is a very demanding game and with the integrated graphics is not part of the recommended spec's to play the game.

    I would say around a $100.00 you will be able to get a card that will run that game. Your CPU is fine and depending on how big your PSU is in watts. But if your budget is bigger then get a good card.

    You are holding back that CPU, if you get a good card then you will see how much of change in that game. If you need help in finding a GPU let us know your PSU brand and watts and your budget and one of use will be able to help you and good luck to you.
  7. hd 3000 isnt supported. you need a dedicated gfx card. something like a minimum of a gtx 450 but the bigger the better as far as bf3 is concerned, as long as you have the psu to handle it.
  8. thanks a lot guys, but is it possible for me to change it because, is a laptop. i dont know my psu watts too
  9. You have a laptop? Everything in your first post to start this thread lead all of us to believe that you had a PC desktop or gaming rig. Of course not you will not be able to upgrade your laptop.

    97% of laptops will not be able to upgrade the GPU, CPU, etc. The only thing thay you maybe alble to upgrade is the RAM and that is a maybe. The only laptops that can be upgraded are gaming laptops.

    I would hang it up or get your self a desktop PC and put all of the recommended stuff from above into it. Please next time, give us the model number of your laptop or state you have a laptop. Anyway good luck to you.
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