water cooling

take it easy cos im a new boy
im going into water cooling (cos air cooling my system reached its limit)
iv'e got a maze2 block & i was thinking of running dirrect to mains supply with a gate valve to limit pressure & flow rate.(outlet straight to waste)
any views or pros & cons of doing this ?????

abit kt7a/athlon 1.33/elsa 920
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  1. you mean hook it to your watersuply in your house/apartment?

    If so this is what I am doing right now and the only con is that the water is extremely cold so it condenses if you're not careful.

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  2. thanks grizely
    how you planing to shut of the water supply when the pc aint in use????
    i was thinking of a 2way central heating valve controlled by the 12v psu supply
  3. look into water sprinkler system they have eletrically controlled on and off vaules

    but it would be much easier just to go and run the line close to you with a mnannually shout off vaule
  4. sorry im a bumbass!!!
    is that sprinkler system for garden or fire systems???
    p.s. manual valves are out of the question cos my kids use the pc when im at work, whats the chances of them remembering to turn the water supply on before booting!!!!!

    p.p.s. iv'e even bought them an old 486, they just laughed??
  5. and i can't spell or type either
  6. i'm talking about garden go done to the local home improvment stor and you see what i mean the only problem is that you have to have a small voltage going to the vaules all the time you want the water on
  7. cheers thats exactly what im looking for!!
  8. Oh, I just have a manual valve next to the computer. I am switching over to the conventional watercooling system though (radiator, fan, pump, etc.).

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