Finally, jeez louise. I finally got my hands on a 1GHz AXIA TBird MUWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! Perfect to go with my new watercooling project! BUWHAHAHAHAHA

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  1. OK

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  2. Did you get the 1ghz/100, so you could simply increase the bus speed, or the 1Ghz/133, so that you would have to modify the multiplier? I had a chance at a 1Ghz/100 AXIA but the guy wanted too much money!

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  3. 1GHz/100!! But I am going to change the multiplier prolly' too.

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  4. I got the AXIA 1.0/133 overclockable to 1.4ghz with default v.core and using the STOCK HSF!! HA-HA :tongue:

    <font color=blue>"640 Kilobytes of computer memory ought to be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates, 1981</font color=blue>
  5. I'm getting one soon too, although no water cooling for me yet, just a swiffy 462. Damn customs has it right now, figuring out how much they want to tax me no doubt. Or could it be the pot it was insulated with?...
  6. AXIA be good AXIA be good... me want one to experiment with over the summer... massive overclock planned... yay...

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  7. I've got mine running at 1.5GHz !!!! YES SWEET FRICKING AWSOME at 1.85v though ehhehe

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  8. That is sweet. What's the temp?? I got an AXIA 1.2G and it runs from 85F/30C(idle) up to 41C MAX load.

    I can run it to 1400mhz, but the temp goes to 51C MAX load...and after about an hour of Superbike2001 it locks up. And if I play on-line FPS games I can't get a gracefull
    exit....and must reset the machine. (no probs at 1200 though)

    The heat prob is with the CPU...bcause my HSF is the new solid copper Blizzard. When I tried 1400mhz with my stock HSF it went to 58C instead of just 51C

    Oh well....there's a reason why mine was labeled 1200 I guess. Luck of the draw I suppose.

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  9. Kick A$$ Grizzz Just got my 1.2 Retail 266 L1 closed
    last week.This thing runs at 1400 with no voltage
    increase .Kicks the crap out of the 900 I had and runs cooler also.Think it's time to step it up some more!!!!!!!!

    Rock out with your AMD out
  10. "...I can run it to 1400mhz, but the temp goes to 51C MAX load..."

    51C is actually not bad at all for a chip that has been overclocked by 200MHZ. According to AMD the melt down temperature for the chip is 90C and they recommend to OEM's to target 67C as the max operating temperature. So even the 58 with your stock HSF is within AMD guidlines. Your temps are higher than I would like, but probably not high enough to cause your problem.

    On the other had you probably arent monitoring temperatures during game play so is it possible the temps are actually creeping much hihger during your one hour of game play? Could some other component (such as your video card perhaps) be heating up after an hour of gaming?

    Could be your hsf too. Im not familiar with the one you mention but a lot of the new ones out lately seem like a lot of hype - look cool but dont cool if you know what I mean. I'm using a good old GlobalWin FOP38 and when running at the stock 1200, Im seeing about 44 at idle and about 48 under high loads. The funny thing is when I overclock the CPU, the temps dont climb very much. Right now Im running at 9.5 x 150 =1425 with no problems at all and temps never rise above 50C under the haevyest loads. All this at stock voltage (all temps as reported by Mother board monitor 5 on an Asus A7V133).

    Anyway, I think your problem may be somthing other than CPU over heating.
  11. I have a feeling that since I'm 200mhz over at 1400mhz, the 51C is too hot for MAX load. And that really is MAX load BTW

    I do check my temps during game play. Here's what I've found. That I can achive the highest temps by opening ZoneAlarm, ICQ, enternet DSL, DF LandWarrior, ...And then join a 32-50 player game with tons of graphics and ppl flying left and right...Then I'll tab over and open VIA hardware monitor and ASUS hardware monitor,…that's when It hits 51C...At 1200 it only hit
    41C....Well if I do all this on a hot day maybe 43C MAX MAX.

    The Blizzard is a great HSF. I installed it twice to make sure...but it's definitely the easiest socket HSF I've ever installed. I used a dab of Arctic silver II....but the HSF
    is so polished it's like a mirror!

    The GF2 GTS never gets above 111F/41C ...I think that's damn good...I noticed no one ever brags about GPU temps around here....well I am though. I put a pentium HSF on the
    GPU And I lapped it with 600, then 1000 grit on a flat glass's also got a second fan mounted in the side cover blowing air directly across the GPU's really really well me.

    And when I run the 1200 @ 1200 I can play 12 hours straight without any lockups or ungraceful shutdowns...So the GPU is not the problem. But when I run the CPU @1400 or even @1333 I can count on a 50 percent chance of a lockup in SupperBike2001 for every hour of gameplay. And when I play DF LandWarrior online in competition I can't get a graceful exit from the it's reset action =8-(

    Most of my other programs don't max the entire system like those two I've seen no problems otherwise.

    And that's the thing....I have my doubts that the overclocking claims people are making are truly rockstable.

    Okay so every body runs seti for 12 that REALLY
    the "ACID TEST" For stability.....I have doubts!

    Like I said...the problems only crop up when I'm overclocked. But I guess most people NEVER REALLY operate their CPUs at true MAX load....but that's my opinion on the whole OC thing.

    Maybe I just need to bump the core voltage to 1.85v. I stopped at 1.80 because I didn't like the temps. Could be....but I don't really care to go to 1.85v just for 200mhz....hec...I'm already at 1200, why risk a $162 CPU for that kind of increase?

    I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.
  12. Here is something that is worth a try. Before the forums at were shutdown I read that some people were having some success by lowering the core voltage. I know this is counterintuitive but several people tried it. They lowered the voltage to as low as 1.675. The voltage varied but nearly everyone that tried could overclock further, with more stability, with voltages lower than 1.75 rather than higher.

    Just a thought.
  13. 12hrs straight? Geez - can you still see after that?

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  14. Hehehe...okay you got me....that was hyperbole. It was only
    5 hours that day. My wife would like to get me in a 12-step for gaming and computers - lol.

    Anyway I may have found the reason why I have a 1200mhz
    stability barrier. My Abit kt7a has max multiplier of 12.5
    and a very adjustable FSB. With the 850 and the 1000 I plugged into this board I had no problems overclocking the FSB.

    But with this 1200 I can’t touch anything FSB without losing

    I went back to the manual for the hundredth time and saw something new...
    the book says it supports 100/133mhz FSB ...But it says it only supports
    up tp 1200mhz....??? Weird since I can obviously use a multiplier of
    10*133 and get 1333mhz . Or 10.5*133 and get 1400mhz Or even higher
    if I wanted to....I used to use even higher than 133FSB with my older CPUs

    Man, now I’m not sure if I need a new board....

    Anyone else using Abit-kt7a @1200+mhz please let me know if you got
    reliability beyond 1200mhz (my bios suffix is: 686B-6A6LMA19C-W)

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  15. of course the multiplier is designed for 100FSB chips - so you can use 12x100 to support a B Athlon 1200 etc.

    I'm pretty sure the Abit supports 1.33+ but it may be an issue of BIOS. My A7V133 does not actaully run my 1.33 above a multiplier of 11 presently (at 133 or higher FSB) I'm about to try the next BIOS and go from there.

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  16. Just for the record. I did find stability below the 133mhz FSB.
    130*10 = 1300mhz. This will in fact run stable and at a reasonable
    temp and voltage of 111F/44C(max)@1.78vcore. But I don’t see any reason
    to further lower the FSB just gain more mhz.

    I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.
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