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i installed prototype in my pc, it is working but there is an audio problem.In the cutscenes the audio is choppy. this is irritating me lot. i downloaded a editor names sc****** editor(i forgot it's name) and extracted "00audio.rcf" in audio folder. i followed all steps to fix it's audio problems from other sites. but now also there is same problem.
My PC Specs are:-
Processor:-Intel Dual Core E2140 @1.60GHz
HDD:-1.5 TB
Graphic Card:-2 Nvidia 9600 GT (1GB each)(In 2-way SLI)
Please reply me quickly as possible to how to fix it's audio problem.Thanx in advance
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  1. In the cutscenes, is the video also choppy? If yes then try disabling the newer DIRECT X version and play....
    I too had the same problem when playing Batman Arkham City.... just disabled DX11 features and it now works perfectly......
    GIVE IT A TRY. Hope it works!
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