Need for Help.

I have got a problem and that problem is that I'm getting copious amounts of lag while playing NFS MW.
This is what I actually did.
Today in Task manager, my CPU usage was unusually high even at idling. (65%~99%).
So I thought of cleaning the insides of my PC. I cleaned it a little but I didn't take out the CPU cooler/heatsink to clean CPU.
Then I fired my PC up and entered BIOS. CPU temps kept raising (65 to 92 degree Celsius in 2 minutes).
then I checked task manager, and this time the cpu usage ha come down. (0%~22%).
Then I tried playing MW and I got around 6~8 FPS. Then I tried playing some HD videos. ( I thought the GMA 900 drivers had gone bad).
But they ran well with no hitches. I know that my low FPS is somehow linked with high CPU temps.
So, Please help me sort out this problem.

Note: I don't have a discreet video card and I don't use 3d Analyzer.
I noticed my heatsink - cooler was a bit loose. ( Do you think the thermal paste has worn off?).

Thanx in advance
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  1. Yes to your question. You need to put more thermal paste and reset your heatsink. High temps on your CPU are to high. The highest they should get is about 50c max.

    A hot CPU can cause it to act like a bottleneck problem. If your CPU is getting hot what about your GPU? Your GPU should never get over 80c. I will link you to some free programs to monitor all your temps.

    After you use the programs and reset your CPU's cooler then post back what you did and if it helped fix your problem. The first one is MSI Afterburner use it for your GPU, the second one is the user manual.

    The rest are CPU and core temp monitors. Just read them and choose which one's you want. Good luck.
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