athlon 1.2/266 and kt133a suggestions?

hey group,

i should be receiving my athlon 1.2 ghz/266 mhz processor and asus a7v133 (with kt133a chipset) any day now. i've been reading up on overclocking, but don't NEED to overclock just yet. but i would like to run my mobo at 133 mhz fsb.

can anyone suggest good/stable fsb and clock multiplier settings that will help me get good performance?

thanks again.
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  1. 133x9 will work to start with!

    Seriously this will depend on many factors like PCI cards, video card, memory quality, voltage, LUCK!

    If your cpu is AXIA stepping, if you have good quality RAM and happy pci/vid cards then you should be able to run the chip at 10x140 or higher - once you have unlocked it.


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  2. my 1.2 axia came factory unlocked
  3. Well I've been running that exact MB and CPU setting for about 2 weeks now. My 1.2 Ghz AXIA chip came from the factory unlocked. So far, it seems to take pretty much anything I throw at it. Right now I'm running at 9.5X150 =1425.

    My memmory is a single 256MB stick of Crucial CAS2 PC133 and I seem to have lucked into a really good one as I can get FSB speeds up to 152 with no problems. What FSB speed you will be able to get will depend on the memory you are using.
  4. cool! very handy!

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