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Ok, so I put a 120mm fan over the agp since all I'll have is the vid card and nic. I've got a 92mm delta directed right to the swiftech 462. I've put larger feet on the bottom of the case and put a 92mm delta blowing in and direct over the motherboard towards the ram. The psu sucks air out and I have another 92mm delta blowing out in the 5.25 drive bays as I only have 1 drive of the 3 I could. This is a smaller size (17in) case so having this many fans for it should blow tons of air in reference to its size. I only wish I had a digi cam to show you it.
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  1. I'm surprised I cannot hear it from here with that compliment of delta fans in it!!!!!!!

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  2. i just get my freind aaron to blow into my case

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  3. lol!

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  5. nothing can compete with my troop of asthmatic pensioners...

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