why not just leave your side panel off?

i understand the attraction of all these expensive copper hsfs, and similar things, and water cooling clearly is the ultimate in cooling, but why the hell can't you just leave the sides of your tower open and let it cool that way? i have a 1.2ghz t-bird running on an a7v133, with a 64mb gf2 gts, and both the cpu and the gf run at about 43 to 46 c at idle, and about 49 or so after playing q3a for a half hour. that's with the side panel off, with the panel on the temps are all six or seven degrees higher. for a hsf i have a generic thing that i got from tcwo.com with my hardware, and i have one exhaust fan and one intake (both 80mm). so is there anything wrong with running like this? or would i be better off with a better hsf and keeping the side panel on? any input would be appreciated.

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  1. Nobody said you can't take the cover off.

    But some people have to consider things like small children, dogs, cats, and other things that can damage your computer innards.

    Plus, a Great HSF can have a much greater effect on temperature than leaving the cover off.

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  2. Depends on many things, but some cases are cooler with the case on, as there is a more directed flow of air from the front to the back. The best temps I've managed in my computer are with a couple intake fans in front, a blowhole over the CPU HSF, a blower in a slot, an exhaust fan, and an Enermax PSU with two fans, one on the bottom. Even before the blowhole though, my temps were better with the cover on. My advice is experiment to see which works best for you.

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  3. my cpu temps are actually a bit lower with the case on, all depends on air flow around the case, for example if the cpu was right behind the power supply and you had no case fans, the cpu would probably be a LOT colder with the case off as the hot air would build up around the cpu, if however the same case had a good flow of air going through it, it would lower the temp as the cpu fan would be blowing cold(er) air as the case fans would be curculating it.

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  4. umm... cat going inside my box... dog going inside my box... my brothers leg going inside my box... the cleaner trying to clean the inside of my box with a damp cloth... enough reasons... no? ok then... 49 is not considered low enough a temperature under stress and half an hour of q3a doesnt really stress the cpu... try 12 hours of seti... read the review... get it down to 30 with no extra cooling and ill be impressed (being in the arctic circle or antarctic doesnt count...

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  5. Anybody ever think DUST MIGHT BE A PROBLEM ?

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  6. I hate dust! we live in a dusty place so it doesn't matter if the side plate is on or off I have to clean it every other week, but I prefer the case sealed up, gives me better temps

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  7. I run with 4 80mm case fans, my PS fan, and a Delta 60mm black label on my heatsink.

    I have an Alpha Pal-6035 on my proc, two intake fans in the REAR, and two exhaust in the FRONT.

    I manange in the 28-31C range at idle, and about 38C after 12 hours of Seti.

    Add a couple more case fans and get a good flow of air going. My next case addition will be a HD cooler.
  8. i dont care about dust... enough gets in the box anyway... the fans ARE sucking it in off the floor and sh!t but anyway...

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  9. My case has been off for over 2 years on the old p2-400, lotsa dust last week when i upgraded to a t-1200.

    Bought a $10 students fan at walmart and cliped it to the side of the case, this blows in with more power then any small computer mounted fan.
  10. It is a violation of FCC regulations to run your computer with the cover off.

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  11. LOL
    I bet modding the motherboard to give higher voltages and bolting peltiers, water pumps and god knows what else onto your pc violates them to.

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