Certain Games do launch but others do not and crash entire system

Hey all,

Im having some bizarre issues and Im not sure what is at fault here

I am able to run Diablo 3, Sid Meir Railroads, League of Legends

but when I try to run
Dawn of War 2, Civ 5, Starcraft2, Anno 2070 my system crashes. I never get to a menu and in fact it just sticks to the desktop and totally locks my system up. I have launched the listed games with performance monitor open and i notice my cpu 100% and my ram usage goes to 15/16 total gb used.

The pattern i think i have noticed is the very resource-friendly or less demanding games run without a hitch but once I get into more serious system spec games my system crashes and I have no choice but to kill the power on my unit.

thats the other thing: standard methods of crash recovery ctrl-alt del are rendered useless and do not respond. And if I am able to do a force shutdown its in the "closing programs and shutting down" phase for nearly 20 minutes no exaggeration. I let it go the whole way until finally being fed up with it and shutting off. I have contacted support for both Steam , blizzard, and grfx card and havent heard back which is very frustrating.
Any Ideas?

here is my system
i5 3570k ivy bridge 3.4ghz
16 gb ddr3 1600 ram Corsair Vengeance
EVGA gtx 570 2gb video ram 4gb available
1 tb seagate barracude 64 mb cache 7200 rpm
win 7 home premium
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  1. 100% CPU usage and almost all 16GBs used? That's ... extremely strange? Your CPU is much better than mine, And I don't even use 100% usage in Civ 5. I would suggest trying out a different driver for your graphics card to see if that helps at all or updating your DirectX but I doubt that would cause your sporadic usage.. I'm stumped.
  2. What is your PSU brand and wattaged? Are you checking your temps for your CPU and GPU? Have you checked your ram with memtest86+? The games that crash are they the ones that you have to use Steam?

    I can see your system isn't that old and you have very good hardwear. Your system should be able to handle all those games with out a problem. I have seen this before but can't remember what the fix was.

    So that is the good news it can be fixed if only I could remember where it was on here. I will look and see if I can't come up with the answer but in the meantime please answer my questions, and thanks.
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