Skyrim weapon mod on back problem, need help

I recently downloaded a mod that replaces the meshes, textures and animations in skyrim that makes it so ALL weapons are on the back. For some reason when I use it, the weapons are somewhat glitchy and gets very annoying. I want to remove it but there isn't just an .esp file I can uncheck, it replaced all the meshes and stuff. Is there a way I can get it back to normal? Can I redownload the vanilla files or is there a mod that would bring it back to normal?


Thank you for your time
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  1. I would suggest backing up your save file and doing a fresh re-install of Skyrim, But after a quick Google search, I located this way to quickly restore your original textures and meshes.

    Give it a shot if you like, I uninstalled Skyrim a few months back, Otherwise I would try it out first since my game was riddled with mods as well, But I still strongly recommend making a backup of your save files incase things go hay-wire
  2. Well I thought of a clean install but the thing is, I dont get good wireless in my room, so I don't really want to download all my mods again. I just want to get rid of this one. I'll look into your link, and do a clean install as a last resort, cause I have at least 30 other mods (mostly just HD texture stuff) Thanks for the help!
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