Cooling an Athlon 1.2?

Hi all,
I purchased an Athlon 1.2 a few weeks ago. So far it has been a huge f***ing headache. Numerous issues when I first bought it and two trips to the store on the warranty...sigh. Said store has lost a customer.

Anyway, the thing is *still* unstable and appears to be overheating all the time. Sometimes it will jump from 36 degrees (Celsius) to 60 just booting up (60, of course, garuantees a lock up)! On a good day it will stay at 38 or 39 while idle, but the processor temperature will jump about a degree a minute if I do anything with it (like run, say, Tribes 2...and high end games are the reaosn I bought the thing). As I write, the processor is hovering between 41 and 42 degrees.

The processor is currently being cooled by a Thermaltake SuperOrb fan & heatsink and is sitting on an A-Bit KT7A board. I've heard mixed reviews of this fan (it's a tight fit on the board). I'm wondering if getting a new fan & heatsink (ie. a WBK-38 or MC370-0A) would solve the issues I'm having. My concern is that there's something wrong with the processor itself.
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  1. Have you gotten the latest updates for your MOBO and ChipSets? Is your room ambient temperature fluctuating much? Make sure your HS is seated properly on the die with only about a rice grain of ArcticSilver 2 spread about the core top. Case fans...lower front for inlet...upper rear for outlet?

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  2. yer i go along with kronos there
    i reckon your heatsink ain't seated properly
  3. Thanks for the advice.
    Room ambient temperture ranges between 22-24 degrees in the day to 17-20 at night. I've reseated the HS several times (though this ties in with the Thermaltake problem). I figure I'll replace the HS when I get the cash, I'll get some Artic Silver to go with it. Thanks:)
  4. What's the Vcore set to in your bois?? My experience is that 1.75v is where you want to be with the 1200. Anything more results in a very noticeable temp increase.

    60C is hot...I recall my stock HSF ran mine at about 53C (max load), but I had already lapped my HSF.

    ...I'd get a better HSF and maybe a back up fan. I attached a backup fan right next to my CPU with velcro strips suspened from the great!

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  5. make sure the thermal paste is on nicely...

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  6. Superorbs are rather sh1tty coolers. Get something worth a snot. I don't care that the Superorb is pretty, it is still basically worthless. There's a reason they're so cheap.

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  7. yeah - general consensus of the community are that orbs are useless. never had one myself - never plan to.

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