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Might be a wierd question, but I hope that someone out there has an answer. Right now, I have an HP 8860 (1GHz AMD). It has a really nice cooling setup that keeps the CPU cool, and keeps that air from the CPU ciculating in the rest of the case. The problem is though, the exhaust that comes off is burning hot, and quickly fills the room, making room temp around 80F (~27C), which makes the CPU hotter, and me as well (the worst part). So, is there anyway to cool off that exhaust, other than making a water cooler or buying a Vapochill?


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  1. How about investing in a room air-conditioner?

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  2. I use a 6" squirl cage blower on a dimmer to slow it down (don't want to suck too much cool air out of the room) connected to a T and several lengths of 4" aluminium dryer vent hoses. I position the ends of the hoses near the exhaust fan and it sucks the air out of the room. (I also have one that sucks the hot air off the 21" monitor) I don't want to pay for AC to cool computers and I dont need so much AC anymore...
  3. Other thatn to exhaust the heat directly out of the room as amdy suggested, there is no way. Refrigerators HEAT a room by removing the heat from the inside and exhasting it to the outside (0 balance), but adding heat from the compressor and motor. That means that a Vopochill wouldn't help. Liquide cooling removes heat from the CPU and exhaust it too the radiator, into the room (unless the radiator is outside the room), so that wouldn't help either.

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  4. like Crashman says - it's impossible.

    You are dissipating a fixed amount of heat energy into the environment. The method by which you do it is not important. The only way to lower your room temp is to remove the hot air from the room and replace with cooler air. This either means opening a window or using an air conditioner.

    Any other form of cooling must still dump hot air into the room, unless you vent your case directly outside the room of course. The ducting would probably be a significan overhead to airflow though.

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  5. you could use an "open" water cooling system then all the heat you take out of the case goes down the drain
    if you've got your plumbing anywhere nere your p.c!!!
  6. more to the arctic... you wont need to worry about cooling then... just build a very large igloo and move between north and south pole twice a year... have a solar panel powering your box off the 24 hour sunlight...

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  7. yep - good point. I'd thought about a line out my window...

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