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I have reinstalled windows7 64bit and had some problems with my video card. I installed i driver and ati is working but since then i cant play any game properly. For example i installed scyrim and mafia 2. They opend and i started playing but there was a lot of brightnes on mafia, and missing details from scyrim, the dragon on the menu is missing and i see a big red triangle in its place. Other games dont start, like batman arkhamcity or witcher 2.It says The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the application.
I have not playd any game since then but before reinstalling windows everything was ok. I havent played these games before changing windows.
i have i5 460m 2.53ghz, 4gb ram, ati hd 5470 hp laptop.
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  1. sounds like you installed the wrong drivers. did you install the inf drivers and all the relevant drivers from your lappys manufacturers site?
    chances are you will have to install the official hp drivers for the gfx even though they may be months out of date...
  2. I installed the official hp driver. It didn't do anything with brightnes in mafia but performance in assassins creed was improved. But i have another problem. When i play my laptop screen go black for a few seconds and than the computer shuts down. When i restart it resumes to the game, but a few minutes later it does this again. I think maybe it is from overheating since this doesn't happen when i am not playing. Is there anything i can do about this?
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