Odd! Chipset temp is higher than cpu temp

I put one thermal sensor on the chipset and its temp reading (by MBM5) is higher than that of cpu! I always thought that chipset is cooler than cpu. May be I'm wrong all the time =(

To be more precise, I put one thermal sensor on the HS (as close as the cpu and right above the cpu) and get about 40-41C at full cpu load. Plus about 5C to that to approx the real cpu temp so end up about 45-46C. But the chipset temp is max at 43C!. I always thought that the chipset temp should be lower than 40C ??? Any explanation would be greatly appreciate =)

P.S. The cpu is actually max out at around 46C(reading) + 5C(correction) ~ 51C when I play a lot of games continuously (more than 2 hours straight). All temps are measured with closed case.

AMD Athlon T-1.2G
MK33 AOpen, Via KT133
320MB 100MHz SDRAM
Seagate 8GB
ATI Radeon 64 DDR VIVO
1 Floppy Drive
10/100 mbps Network Adapter
250W PSU
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  1. Wow, that is hot for a via kt133 northbridge...Does your
    northbridge have a small HSF on it?? My abit does. If you
    don't have a HSF on the chip I guess it could get that hot...?

    I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.
  2. are you sure mbm has the sensors the right way round. on asus boards sensor 1 is mobo and sensor 2 cpu until you swap them.

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  3. In fact, I'm curious about it too since MBM5 give me three readings for temps (Via686A-1, Via686A-2, and Via686A-3). I always think that Via686A-1 is the MoBo temps. However, I connect two new thermal sensors on the MoBo (JP6 and JP7 on my MK33, AOpen) and they are coresponding to Via686A-2 and Via686A-3, respectively. I know this because I also look at temps with Via HW monitor (both default in Bios at start up and program in Window). They are identical.

    Now, I wonder that the HS for the chipset is too small and that causes high temp. After I run some burnin program, I got around 46C cpu temp and 48C chipset temp max (I assume 5C differences between the real temps so 51C and 53C, respectively). The chipset temp is still higher than the cpu temp and it's odd for me =( even the HS for chipset is smaller.

    BTW, here's the temps at idle and max cpu load (after 4-5 ours burn in test). Remind that these are the temps read from thermal sensors attached to the HS (the cpu thermal sensor is attached as close as possible to the center of the HS and right above the cpu while the chipset thermal sensor is attach on the chipset HS directly)

    Idle (after run the comp normally for a day and leave idle for 10 min)
    Via686A-1 23C
    Via686A-2 35C (JP6, cpu)
    Via686A-3 39C (JP7, Via Northbridge chipset)

    Max CPU load (after burn in test for about 4 hours)
    Via686A-1: 24C
    Via686A-2: 46C (JP6, cpu)
    Via686A-3: 48C (JP7, Via Northbridge chipset)

    Nvidia or ATI, it's all depend on what you like and system optimization :lol:
  4. Oh, forget one important fact. These temps are read in today Boston temps which is so hot this week =) Room temp is around 30C currently.

    Nvidia or ATI, it's all depend on what you like and system optimization :lol:
  5. if your room temp is 30 degrees - what sensor is giving you 23 degrees?

    40 degrees is VERY hot for a mobo. Typically system/case temps would be 5 degrees or so over ambient - 10 max. I guess if your room is 30 degrees - that'll do it.

    I'm suprised that your cpu stays cooler though. A good cooler would keep an AMD 15 degrees over mobo temps. If your mobo and therefore case temps are that high, your cpu temp should be well over 50 degrees. Very confused. Until you said your room was 30 degrees, I'd have said the 23 reading was your chipset temp. Now I have no clue!!!

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  6. Well, I have no clue too what is Via686A-1 temp referring to =) I never really think about it since it just getting warm (hot, actually) in Boston recently. Anyway, seem like the chipset temp is really high. Anyone have any explanation. I'm gettin gworry mow =(

    BTW, I use the HSF that bundle with the cpu when I bought it. It's pretty good imagine that it keep cpu at 51-52C at max load but it's kinda noisey. If anyone know why my chipset (I believe it is Via northbridge (my new MoBo is AOpen and the chipset in the question have HS with AOpen brand on it) have high temp, please kindly let me know =) Thanks.

    Nvidia or ATI, it's all depend on what you like and system optimization :lol:
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