Window 7 Professional Student/Military Discount?

I know there is a student discount for a windows 7 upgrade. I need the full version though. Is there a student or military discount for a full version? I've been searching all weekend.
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  1. I would look at buying an OEM copy instead if you're trying to save money. Basically the only difference between an OEM and a retail license, is there is no support provided by Microsoft for OEM copies. If you buy an OEM copy and need to call Microsoft for support, you will have to pay per incident.

    Since VERY FEW end users need to do this, I say buy an OEM copy and save the cash.
  2. Check with your educational institution to see if they have an MSDN Academic Alliance subscription. If they do, you should be able to get a free copy through that.
  3. The student discount is a full version. I have installed two of these on studet's computers
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