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Hello, I recently have been getting into computer gaming, but I have a pretty standard comp. I want to upgrade, but I dont know where to start. My Current set up is: Hp Pavillion dv6 notebook
Processor: Amd Turion II P520 dual core Processor 2.30 ghz
4GB of RAM
64bit windows 7
and thats all i really know about my computer.

I dont really want to spend a lot of money because I still play alot on the Xbox360, but I want something I could upgrade later on when I want. Right now I have $500. So any help and advice would be nice

Also right now I mostly play Valve games and PC only games on my comp. So im not lookig for Ultra settings on Skyrim or BF3.
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  1. This would be best to post in the System part of the forums, you could build a i3 deasktop system that would be upgradable to get you going for 500
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