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Microsoft Flight Sim X Gold Activation issue. Doesn't seem to want to accept a brand new Activation Code/ Prodduct Key. Hence it's only allowing me trial access operation to the software currently. I just recently legitimately purchased the software. It does either of two things rejects the Product Key and request it to be entered again, or continues into the software "as if" I chose "Active later" when I actually chose "Activate Now" Then about 30 mins later I get booted from the game as it tells me my trial has expired... All when I have the info to activate it sitting right in front of me. It's becoming frustrating try to input it over and over or find a valid solution on Microsoft's website. It's looking like the software is no longer supported well by them at this time because of a newer software they are offering online in this sector apparently... F.Y.I. I'm using a PC with Window's OS - Vista 64bit version if that may help with prodiding me a resource for this issue or better yet a working solution for it. Thanks in advance for any info in those directions..
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  1. email microsoft. this is a known issue...
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