Can anyone with Metro 2033 do me a favor?

I am experimenting with the game to see if this is a glitch that others can experience. It's very simple. Use DX11 and load the level "Lost Tunnels" in Chapter 2. At the start, jump over the railing and stand near the wooden wall to the right. Move your mouse around left/right and 360 degrees. Do you experience any stuttering or lag with the aim? It's most noticeable on your gun.

I've found posts on another forum that relate to what I'm experiencing and just want to know if this is part of the engine or not. It only happens in a few specific areas and as soon as I move away it stops.

I have multiple sources where people have experienced similar things.

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  1. yes, i got the same stutter you were describing; metro has a few spots that do the same so no it is not your system.
  2. i didnt notice it, but all rigs do different things
  3. Yes, I got the same stuttering as you. I've not been able to find any fix for it that works.
    Fortunately the stuttering only happens on the level "Lost Tunnels"
  4. I just tested it, and I notice the stutter right there at the railing you described. However, the FPS are strong, even when the view looks stuttery.
  5. Ok thanks guys. It's good to know others experience it too.

    Just randomly tested another level "Dungeon" and get quite a lot of the stuttering in DX11 at the start. The only way I've been able to get minimal to no stuttering though is in DX9.
  6. I use DX9. In DX11, I get stuttering continually. So I just turn off DX11. The eye candy is still good though.
  7. Im just excited for last light
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