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In Diablo 3, my wizard has a skill called Energy Armor. When cast, it looks like a spherical transparent shield with water ripples on it.

I cannot see it. I only see a red light above my head. Other people can see my shield's cool animation. I can play on high, it is very smooth. I thought it was my graphic cards problem and upgraded to a Geforce GT 520. It did not fix the problem.

Can you guys brainstorm me ANY possible cause of this. I dont even know where to start researching and at my wit's end.

I tried: -uninstall diablo 3, reinstall.
-update driver (was my main hope)
-bought new graphics card (supported)

I would really appreciate any additional questions or input.

Thank you very much!
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  1. I have the same problem and its doesn't have to do with your hardware &/or drivers: on my laptop energy armor spell effect doesn't look like it looked at the beginning ( back then at launch the animation effect looked proper like a transparent bubble with ripples ) , now some server maintenances laterit looks like a redish glow on top of my head.... Please Blizzard save the wizard community from ugliness!!! :o
  2. didn't know I was having this problem until I looked online and saw that my energy armor didn't look like other people's energy armor.

    This is how I fixed it.

    Go to your documents\diabloIII and find a file called D3prefs open it then find the line

    HardwareClass "x"

    If x is less then 3 then you wont get the bubble effect from energy armor.
    Change it to 3 then save the file, your bubble should now be working.
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