Which of the two is better?

a global win (I don't know what the model number is) but it's aluminum with a 6000+ rpm fan, or Thermaltake MINI COPPER ORB Heatsink + Ball bearing Fan, Pure Copper base & contact face (that's all they say, no rpm).
Thank you.

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  1. Avoid anything with the word ORB in it for your CPU. There are much better solutions out there. The only products that Thermaltake has done well is the Blue orb chipset cooler and for CPU the VolcanoII works well for the money. (notice ..not an orb)

    The Global win you are talking about is probably the fop32..I think.

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  2. Yes, orbs are horrible. The actual orb idea is ok, but the heatsink is too car away from the CPU to do much good. Heat doesn't go through air as easily as you might think.

    The ThermoEngine is (very) arguably a good heatsink. That's what I've got on my Bird, and it's worked ok so far (about an hour of minimal processing, just built my computer, not even an OS on it yet). But I have the Delta fan on it, so that makes a big difference over it's stock fan.

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  3. Currently the highest performing heatsink/fan combo tested is the Thermaltake Dragon orb. The old orbs sucked however they were riduculously difficult to mount on your proc. I use a SuperOrb cooler right now, it's not as bad as what some folks make it to be. It's also cheap.

    <A HREF="http://www.overclockercafe.com/Reviews/Tt_Dragon_ORB_3/Tt_Dragon_ORB_3_pg_2.html" target="_new">Dragon Orb Beats a Swiftech!</A>

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  4. Yeah, I've heard good things about the Dragon orb, but not unanimously good.

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  5. So is that FOP32 any good?

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  6. middle ground as far as I'm concerned. Okay for stock CPUs, not very quiet or cool. For 20 bucks or so - okay.

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