What type of cooling is best??

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased an AMD 1.33GHz machine with an Asus A7A266 mobo. I was wondering what the best cooling option would be. A VolcanoII came with the CPU purchase, but my CPU seems to be running a little too hot for my liking (about 52 C). I've read up on peltier cooling and water cooling alternatives but I don't know if those are really the best methods. I would like my CPU to last a while so I need something that will keep it cool and not be dangerous, any suggestions???

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  1. if you can afford it... go for the vapochill... tom used it in his powerbox... keeps the processor very nice and cold...

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  2. I do need something that is affordable.
  3. Then go with water. Build your own (if you can't find a site to tell you how to do that, don't bother trying :), or buy a prebuilt one from a company like <A HREF="http://www.koolance.com" target="_new">Koolance</A>.

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  4. If you have tools cut a blowhole and stick another fan to blow on top of the Volcano II. Also consider what other parts are heating up your case, Video card, Hard disks. A couple of well placed fans can drop your inside case temp as much as 5-10deg. A couple of decent fan/hardisk cooling kits will run you $20 - $30. I think you can slap a larger fan on the VolcanoII as well. If your planning on overclocking you should really get a better heatsink/fan combo.

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  5. Quote:
    I would like my CPU to last a while....

    Dont freak out dude, at that temp your CPU will last a couple years.

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