i am using windows 7 but can't download some drivers from the net.
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  1. More info needed. What's your computer brand and model, Did it come with Win 7 or did you install it? What drivers are you looking for, did you already check to make sure the computer is compatable with Windows 7?
  2. If this is a pc with built in bluetooth check the makers website as I don't have a crystal ball to direct you with.
  3. As previous poster showed their anger about lack of provided information, I dont need to point out that from now on you should include every needed detail.

    1- If this is a branded computer then include the name and model along with a link to the manufacturer page where they have shown the specification of the brand.

    2- Drivers of what? your phone, your juicer machine, your internet refrigerator, your air conditioner? Or is it your bluetooth dongle, your BT headphones, mic, mouse, keyboard....... drivers for which device?

    3- If you made the pc, though I highly doubt it from your post, then make and model of your motherboard, type of OS (32 or 64 bit????).

    4- If external BT dongle then what happened to its own drivers on CD. Did you try them?

    5- Does your pc tells detect it at all?

    6- Has w7 installed it and it still doesnt work?

    7- does the bt work in another pc with same OS or xp/vista?
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