Caulking under the fan

I managed to strip two of the screwholes on the (very cheap) shroud of my Gladiator, so fan has been causing serious vibrations. I saw this article
and am thinking about doing this once I get the caulk. Is this a desirable long-term solution? (I will undoubtedly be getting another heatsink before I ever try a different fan on the Gladiator--I've already got a Delta 38cfm on it)
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  1. I've done similar mountings with some of my fans. It works
    great so far. I used RTV silicone rubber (make sure it's NOT the kind that uses acetic acid to cure), otherwise known as permatex or gasket maker. It can be found in any autoparts store.

    I'm not in touch with my feeings, and I like it that way!
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