Best Quiet Heatsink & Cooling Fan - AMD 1.33 266 ?

What is the best and quiet Heatsink and Fan for an AMD Axia Athlon 1.33 266 FSB CPU?

I now have an AMD Axia Athlon 1.33 266 FSB CPU with a Cooler Master EP5-6111-A1 Heatsink And Fan.

The Cooling Fan seems a bit noisey.

I want the best cooling solution, but one that is not too noisey.

I have a PC Power & Cooling 400 Watt ATX Silencer Power Supply which replaced the 275 Watt ATX Silencer Power Supply that I had before I upgraded from a AMD 950 MHZ to an AND 1.33 GHZ CPU Chip.

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  1. The most effective cpu cooler (air cooled) that I am aware of is Swiftech's MC462-A Rev1, unfortunately however this is also rather noisy. If you want a quiet and effective cooler then Noise Control's Silverado is very good.

    Both of these heatsinks and many others were reviewed by Tom's Hardware a couple of months ago.
    If you search the boards at this site for Silverado you will find many testimonials from people who have bought one and are happy with their purchase.
    (including me)
    The only way of getting more effective cooling that is also quiet is to go with watercooling or refrigeration (e.g Vapchill)
  2. Try the Thermosonic Thermoengine. Its very quiet with the stock fan. It is rated up to 1.5gig. I added a YS tech 26cfm fan in place of it and its still pretty quiet. You will probably need to upgrade the fan if you want to overclock.

    You can pick up the thermoengine for 25-30 stock and you can actually get them, unlike the silverado which you have to have shipped overseas. Tom didn't review this cooler but you can find lots of places on the web that did.

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  3. There is also a very promising new cooler. By a totally new company, to boot. Thermalright SK-6 (not to confuse with Thermaltake). Last time I heard, it was not only beating Thermoengine, but even keeping its own against Swiftech. With an aggressive fan, of course. But one can use a quiet fan with it, too.

  4. I agree. Thermalright is a pretty good cooler. However, it appears that the Zalman CNPS-5000 may also be pretty good performance/quiet balance. See what the guys at Plycon have to say about these two.
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