Internet slow after diablo 3 hack need help

I was among the group of diablo 3 accounts that got hacked. I can get my stuff back but my browser has been slow afterwards any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. I doubt your acount hack and the browser speed are related.
    do a virus check make sure it is all good. clean cache and cookies.

    recommended software:

    Avast anti virus
  2. I did multiple times. I've read that the recent hacks may messed with it and just thought it seemed to be to much of a coincidence.
  3. close every app everything is running and run on idle, open task manager, chk the network tab if theres any usage of the internet, chk the processes for unusual activity and post here,

    you got static or dynamic ip?

    -disconnect your internet and reconnect
    -download any free trial anti spyware and run a scan (superantispyware is my suggestion)
    -change password for you accounts
    -uninstall you browser and make a clean run with Ccleaner and for registries
    -make a clean install for the game
  4. I feel like an idiot I found the problem our plumber knocked my cable partially out when he was doing his thing, i did not realize this nor did i think about it. Thanks for the help though, i think i'll start coming here for all my tech questions.
  5. thats great, at least that problem got you to tom's hardware, stick around help others and if you have any other issues ask away people here are always willing to help.
  6. Maybe he hacked your account too. :D
  7. When they hack your account they also launch of DDoS attack on you to prevent you from logging back in and starting a new session that would kick them out of the old session. Luckily it was only the plumber......or was it?
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