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I have a 3.8ghz with 8mb and 1.8tb with a video card of 1024 and I am running windows 7 it lags bad. Ran multiple virus scanners and just dont know what to do. HELP
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  1. Run Disk clean up.

    You could have a ton of files slowing you down.

    You might have 8gb of ram but windows might not be seeing all of it.

    Look for any unneeded programs. Get rid of them

    Run disk degragmenter.
  2. disk clean-up / then run system files clean-up after the first disk clean-up gathers files, delete outdated restore files.
    run 'msconfig' from command prompt / change to selective start-up / go through list and un-check all unnecessary programs in start-up.
    reboot and test unit..
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