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I have bought From Dust for $9.99 and any time i go in it just quits on me and i will sue steam for taking my money how must this madness be contained because this also happened to my friend!
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  1. i would like some answers on how to complain!
  2. lol @ this thread.

    Firstly, Steam did not take your money, you gave them your money, and secondly, you should be posting this on the Steam forums.
  3. The best way to complain is by going on the Steam website itself. We can nothing but direct you to the website you need to complain to. I already posted a link. When my account got hacked, I messaged them and they were quick and helpful. Try to be nice when you're complain. Angry messages don't get you what you want.
  4. check the file integrity, then the hardware requirements, including o.s specifications.
    the game does work on win 7 as i played it a while back. so my guess is your trying to play either a corrupt install or on unsupported hardware.
  5. File your complaint with the Better Business Bureau online and the Federal Trade Commission.

    The Steam service also failed to work for me even after attempting the corrections recommended by bSteam. After that, Steam responded by referring me to their third party support and the game publisher while denying a refund for their defective service. See the www steamcomplaints com topic for details.

    Steam aka Valve Corporation is very well-known by the US Better Business Bureau. They are rated "F" on a scale of A+ to F with the following history of complaints:

    532 complaints in the past 3 years;
    183 complaints closed in the past year;
    55 complaints not even responded to:
    23 complaints unresolved.

    From the BBB review and rating:

    "BBB has received a pattern of complaints from consumers alleging the games they purchase from Valve Corporation are malfunctioning or non-working. Consumers claim they send e-mails and leave voicemails for the company, but they do not receive responses from the company for customer service or to correct credit card charges."
  6. Don't complain. Just leave them and go to GOG. No DRM, proficient tech help, and the friendliest forums in the land. Problem is most of their games are pretty old, but screw it, I'm a fossil myself.
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