ASUS A7V MOBO Better Cooling Fan And Heatsink?

I have modified my ASUS A7V Motherboard to run with the AMD Athlon Axia 1.33 266 FSB CPU with the current settings.

FSB - 100 MHZ
Multiplier - 12.5
CPU Voltage - 1.725/1.75

I still have 256 Megabytes of PC-100 RAM.

My Computer now registers the Athlon Axia CPU as a 1.30 GHZ CPU Speed.

I have revision 1007 Motherboard BIOS.

I also have the Sound Blaster Live PCI Sound Card that has given me no problems at all.

If I change the PC-100 RAM for PC-133 RAM, will I then get the full Athlon 1.33 CPU Speed?

I am not being greedy, and the 1.30 CPU Speed is great, but I am just curious.

So far my Computer System is totally stable with Windows ME.

I have the PC Power & Cooling 400 Watt ATX Power Supply with the Cooler Master EP5-6I11-A1 CPU Cooler and Heat Sink.

The CPU Cooler Fan is a bit noisey, is there a CPU Fan and Heat Sink that is as good, bit less noisey?

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  1. memory clocks and bus clocks are two seperate issues. Upgrading the RAM will NOT affect the clock speed of your computer. However, running pc-100 ram in a 1.3 ghz machine is like driving a corvette with plastic tires. RAM is ridiculously cheap -- go and buy some pc133. You could see something like a 10% increase in performance. As for a good fan to use, You should read the article on the site about 46 different fans. It will give you all the relative strengths and weaknesses so you can hit whatever noise/performance level you want.

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