Video card for $150 or less.


I have a new Gateway computer running an i5 2320 processor at 3.0-3.3ghz with 8 gigs ram and 1 tera hdd.
I have been running Microsoft Flight Simulator X just using the Intel 2000 graphics and while the performance is not horrible I want to get the detail and FPS up.
I have saved up $255 and need a more powerful PSU (thinking 500W) and a video card. I think I will get the ThermalTake PSU but I am not sure on the graphics card. Both will have to be installed by Compusa to save my warranty from being voided if something blows.
I may also need a new monitor since the new graphics cards have this new digital connector on them and my current monitor( a Sanyo 20" Flat screen TV) only has VGA or serial.
I have heard that there are Digital to VGA adaptors out there so i might try to find one.
So, as it stands money wise:
$255 to spend
PSU - 49.99
Video Card - $150 or less
Install - 60
Maybe digital to VGA - 20

I would like some advce on this situation including what is a good card for FSX and whether the Digital to VGA adaptor will work for me.
Plus, what kind of performance I will get after the install on FSX and other games.


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  1. Sorry for the double post. I am not sure why it did that. Sorry :??:
  2. Do you know exactly which Gateway model you have?

    "Install - 60"

    Do you intend on spending money to have someone install the card for you? Installing a card is actually very easy to do.
  3. Since no one posted in your other post, you should be able to delete. Click on your other thread, there should be an icon that allows you to do so around the edit icon.
  4. The 6850 should give you good performance on most games. There is a shipping charge of $7.56, but a DVI-VGA adapter is included, so you won't have to buy another one.
  5. Hi jaguarskx, thank you for replying to my question. My computer is a gateway DX4860-UB33P.
    Yes I plan on paying somebody to install it. I understand that is easy and I believe it is easy because I have to use a computer apart before. However in order to save my gateway warranty since it's brand new I would rather somebody professional install the card and power supply so if something gets broken I will still have a warranty. They told me that I will get paperwork that makes it okay for them to work on it and not void the warranty from gateway. I am not positively sure I believe the guy that I talked to but gateway technical support said that anything I install if something goes wrong with it voids the warranty. I did not ask them if getting it professionally installed still voids the warranty yet.
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