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I have a new Gateway computer running an i5 2320 processor at 3.0-3.3ghz with 8 gigs ram and 1 tera hdd.
I have been running Microsoft Flight Simulator X just using the Intel 2000 graphics and while the performance is not horrible I want to get the detail and FPS up.
I have saved up $255 and need a more powerful PSU (thinking 500W) and a video card. I think I will get the ThermalTake PSU but I am not sure on the graphics card. Both will have to be installed by Compusa to save my warranty from being voided if something blows.
I may also need a new monitor since the new graphics cards have this new digital connector on them and my current monitor( a Sanyo 20" Flat screen TV) only has VGA or serial.
I have heard that there are Digital to VGA adaptors out there so i might try to find one.
So, as it stands money wise:
$255 to spend
PSU - 49.99
Video Card - $150 or less
Install - 60
Maybe digital to VGA - 20

I would like some advce on this situation including what is a good card for FSX and whether the Digital to VGA adaptor will work for me.
Plus, what kind of performance I will get after the install on FSX and other games.


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  1. First of all you can get connectors that have dvi to vga or hdmi to vga so you dont need to upgrade monitor. A GPU for under 150 i would suggest this...

    It also has a vga port so no need to buy a connector although it will most probably come with one. Hope i helped.
  2. with a 500w power supply and 150$ ceiling the card i would suggest is an EVGA or Gigabyte gtx 460. Lots of power and they run relatively cool. Should be more than enough for what you need. Look on newegg you can check the details.
  3. The PSU you are looking at is a piece of junk and if you get that PSU you might be buying a new rig. The brands of PSU's to look for are Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, XFX, Silver Stone, and some types of OCZ brands.

    As far as your card of concern I would look at the 460 from above or go with a 560 Ti You can buy them at around $199.99 and I will link you to some 500w PSU's that are good one's and less then $50.00.

    That should put you close to your budget and the adapter you will need comes with the new cards so you don't have to buy them. Also the first link is to a list of good PSU's to the worst PSU's.

    Tier 1 is the good PSU's and Tier 5 well you don't want them in your rig. I will also link you too some AMD cards as well. This will give a better way to figure what you want and need. So I wish you good luck.
    500w PSU
    500w PSU
    560 ti
    560 ti
    560 ti
    HD 6870
    HD 6870
    HD 7770

    560 ti vs 6870 You can see how close these two card are. The 560 is better but not by much at all.

    6870 vs the new AMD card 7770 you could not afford the bigger ones.
  4. I personally got a ATI Radeon Sapphire hd4870 used for about $70 and it runs really well. Plays games like Mass Effect and Crysis at the highest settings smoothly.
  5. Evga gtx 560 sc
  6. No,I'm sorry. Gtx 560 sc only has 288 cores while 460 has 338. It's essentially a lower clocked 560 ti which is smokingly powerful. If you dont beleive me cross reference prices between newegg and hwcompare/anandtech's bench. If you don't know how to do this I can be happy to.
  7. Cuda cores? if so mine has 336 cores, if not cuda then i am not sure then
  8. then you have the 560 ti then yes, all those numbers i mentioned are cuda cores
  9. oh i'm sorry my mistake. thats the standard 560. a little out of his price range though, thats why i recommend the 460 because it plenty powerful, cheap, runs dx11, is sli capable, and only sucks 160 watts max, perfect for a 500w power supply.
  10. U had me worried there for a moment on what i had :P i had to do some checks lol
  11. haha yes i do apologize. I have the 560 ti which has 384 cores, so i confused the two.
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