Looking for one old, old, old PC game (from early x86 era) ...

Hey all you Legacy PC Gamers,

I'm trying to find the name of one exact puzzle game for a dear friend, to whom the information would mean a lot. She wants to show it her child as we used to play it in our childhood too. Today, the game is not one of the well-recognized PC game classics. I remember some bits and pieces of the game but googling hasn't helped me to track it yet ... therefore I am troubling You for it. The game is simple, slightly medival (I guess?) by theme and with neat EGA/CGA graphics/some colors, runnable with (086)/286+ machines.

And all I remember about the game and its "plot" is this ...
- The idea is to find a rightful owner for each item found from the game world (a kingdom) -> the items help their owners to carry out their daily duties.
- Rightful owners vary e.g. from Mary (who "Had a little lamb") and Humpty Dumpty to the King -> and while solving an owner the PC beeper nicely takes you away :) by playing these catchy nursery rhymes (links below take you to slightly similar Youtube versions of the very songs):

"Mary had a little lamb":
"Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall":
"Old King Cole":

I'm not sure if my hints helped or confused you :D but thanks anyways!
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  1. It sounds a lot like this game. See if it is the one.
  2. Ive been pc gaming since 1990 and don't remember anything like that, sorry.
  3. Kind thanks for your efforts and responds!

    Yes, fantastik250, that's the game, Sierra's, it all comes back to me now. :D Excellent!
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