Cooling Fan & Heatsink For An AMD Athlon 1.33 CPU?

What is the best but quiet Cooling Fan And Heatsink for the AMD Athlon Axia 1.33 266 FSB CPU?

I have the PC Power & Cooling 400 Watt ATX Power Supply.

I have the Cooler Master EP5-6I11-A1 CPU Cooler and Heat Sink.

The Cooler Master CPU Cooler Fan is a bit noisey, is there a CPU Fan and Heat Sink that is as good, bit less noisey?

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  1. If you want to have both less noise and good performance, go for NoiseControl Silverado or Thermalright SK-6 (not to be confused with Thermaltake). If the latter, make sure you order it with a quiet fan instead of the stock one.

  2. Along with the two mentioned by Leo, I would also consider the Zalman CNPS-5000+
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