I have a PC with Win XP Service Pack 3, Graphics Card GeFORCE PhysX 1GB DDR3 and

I have a PC with Win XP Service Pack 3, Core 2 Duo Processor, Graphics Card NVIDIA GeFORCE PhysX 1GB DDR3 and i'm having a problem with playing Crysis Warhead... On Double click the application the cursor was busy for few seconds and then nothing happens.. :cry: :cry:
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  1. XP is dead upgrade to windows 7 or at least Vista.
  2. this is a GPU problem or game problem, i have some serious questions for you:

    -what is your nvidia's graphics card model?
    -do you have the latest driver installed?
    -is your game original?
    -have you tried to download and install the latest official patch for the game?
    -installed the latest Directx updates / .Netframework / vcredist?
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