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Can anyone help me choose a mouse that will be good for gaming? I just purchased a laptop that I would like to play games on. I do not know if I should get a wired mouse (because the chords seem too long) or a wireless mouse. Can anyone give me advice? I wouldn't like to spend over $75, and I would prefer if it didn't have a ton of buttons on it.
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  1. Well if you are willing to spend over 75 you have a lot of options. Personally I would recommend the rat9 but as you said you don't want it to complicated go with a razor death adder or steel series ikari. They are both good performing gaming mice i have had both and they perform brilliantly.
  2. Deathadder Respawn
  3. Hmm i like my razer naga refurbished but it has a ton of buttons on side but its easy to find the since they got numbahs on em
  4. never buy refurbished parts. you have no idea how they have been repaired.
    it may just have been cleaned but it may have had parts replaced or broke wires reattached...
    buy new and at least that way you get a warranty if something goes wrong...
    1 of the best cheap mice is the logitech g400 its perfectly good game grade mouse. that will match and out perform may more expensive mice.
    razer do have some decent mice but lately they have been having more and more build quality issues and complaints. specifically about the middle mouse buttons, the quality of the wire used and robustness of the mice in general.
    so be prepared to return it if you notice anything wrong, if you buy 1.
  5. There's the wireless Logitech G700.

    I was thinking about buy it, but I got the wired G500 instead. I don't need that many buttons on my gaming mouse. The mouse I used before is the wireless Logitech Performance MX mouse. I basically use it now with my laptop, but I really like the feel of the MX so I'll probably buy another when I see a good deal on it so that I can have a backup... just in case...
  6. Razer Naga has a lot of buttons.
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